5 Ways to remove mould from your rugs

5 Ways to remove mould from your rugs

It is a tricky thing to deal with moulds on rugs. The mould spores are not just stinky. And they can also pose a significant danger to your health when you leave them ignored for an extended period. More than that, they can be difficult to remove; this is why one needs to take action when one starts noticing the signs of its growth. In this blog, we have discussed five ways to remove mould from your rugs.

Getting rid of a mould through scrubbing drains off your energy entirely on hard surfaces. The mould spores can be invisible to the naked; unfortunately, regular scrubbing does not make them disappear.

What is mould?

A mould is a species of fungi that thrives in damp and humid environments. One is likely to stumble upon them where the moisture is usually trapped. Apart from rugs, they can also grow on the basement floors.

How does mould get into your rugs?

There are several reasons mould grows into your rugs. It could be due to spills, floods or ceiling leakages. Once the rug gets wet and you do not let it dry, the moisture stays within the rug, making it an ideal home for mould spores.

How much of a threat is a mould?

People with high sensitivity to mould will find that even a minute interaction with it might trigger different allergic reactions like runny nose, red eyes and shortness of breath.

Following are the five ways to remove mould from your rugs-

1. Hang your rugs under the sun

The Ultra violet rays from the sun help kill the mould spores and reduce the moisture, which encourages mould growth. You should keep the rugs for 24-48 hours under the sun. A good dose of sunlight also reduces the likelihood that your rug will develop an unpleasant odour from bacteria. However, it is essential to hang your rug with care and avoid stretching or damaging the fibres of the rug. It is also necessary to take the rug indoors before evening, so it does not absorb the excess moisture from the air.

2. Ventilate the room where your rug is located

Ventilation is essential. You should keep the doors and the windows open. It will allow the air to circulate, reducing the room’s moisture. One can also use an electric fan to blow some air out of the room. Keeping the room ventilated is very important.

3. Use a stiff broom and sweep off the mould spores

A stiff broom removes the mould spores already in plain sight. The stiff broom will also loosen up the deep mould within the rug. It is also easy to brush the broom thoroughly afterwards.

One should avoid using a vacuum as there is a chance that the mould spores will persist inside it. You use a vacuum often, and there is a chance that these moulds might land somewhere the next time you use the vacuum. If you all decide to use a vacuum, you should ensure that it has a high gradation filter which makes the content directly into the trash.

4. Apply baking soda

You should put baking soda on the rug and leave it overnight. Baking soda is a powerful alkaline solution that produces carbon dioxide when combined with an acid. These gases are very effective and remove stains from the carpet and other materials with great ease. The baking soda also absorbs moisture that is inside the rug. It helps you get rid of the bad smell.

5. Scrub your rug with a cleaner

It is a known fact that scrubbing alone will not eliminate the mould. If you have done enough cleaning, it is fine to do the scrubbing. You should use a solution made specifically for mould removal. 

You should also let it dry completely as it is the moisture that attracts mould spores to travel into the rug. You should also inspect your house for any kind of leaks that might cause the rug to soak in the water.


These were five ways to remove mould from rugs and we hope you had a good time learning them. You can use them in your daily life to keep your rugs safe from moulds. However, if the problem does not get solved with these, you must try a professional rug cleaning company.