How To Take Care Of Persian Rugs?

How To Take Care Of Persian Rugs?

Persian rugs are relatively more expensive than other rugs and they are very beautiful and warm as well. Persian rugs need more care when compared to other rugs. They are hand-woven which makes them more precious and expensive. These originated from Iran and are made up of wool. You have to spend more time cleaning them as they are thick. Because of more fabric and thickness, it traps dust and dirt easily. You need to use expert advice to take good care of your rugs. To get detailed information on how to take care of Persian rugs, read the complete blog. 

Details on How To Take Care Of Persian Rugs:

  1. Vacuum Regularly- No matter what type of rug you are cleaning, you need to vacuum it regularly to get rid of the dust and dirt to maintain the rug for a long time. Vacuuming helps in removing the excess dirt and dust from the rugs. It will also help in getting rid of bacteria and germs. You can add an attachment at the top of the vacuum cleaner and slowly move it to all the corners of the rugs to remove the dirt. The suction power of the vacuum is helpful in removing dirt as well as loosening up the stains present on the rugs. Take care of one thing: your vacuum cleaner should not be at a higher pressure. Vacuuming should be done once a week. This is one way how to take care of Persian rugs. 
  1. Avoid Moisture Buildup- Moisture can be one of the main reasons why you will find an accumulation of bacteria and germs in them. Moisture buildup can cause many problems such as the formation of moulds, bad smell of the rugs and many other problems. You must keep your rugs dry all the time to avoid moisture buildup. Even after cleaning your rugs, it is important to dry them thoroughly. You can place them under the sun or under the fan to dry them up. This is one of the best ways how to take care of Persian rugs. 
  1. Prevent Sunlight- Protecting your rugs from sunlight is important to take care of Persian rugs. Sunlight is helpful but not in excess. Excess sunlight can damage the rugs and cause many other problems. The most common problem you will face with the sunlight is fading of the rugs. Persian rugs have a bright colour that can be faded if they are placed under excess sunlight. Heat can not only cause fading but will also damage the fabric of the rugs. To protect your rugs from direct sunlight you can use sheer curtains and UV-filtering window tints. You must close the windows if you don’t have any use. 
  1. Remove The Stains As Soon As Possible- This is also an important step to take care of Persian rugs. Stains present on the rugs can cause a lot of damage if they are not removed on time. If you or anyone else in your family accidentally spills something on the rugs, you must clean them as soon as you see them. You can use a clean dry cloth or a paper towel and dab it on the spills to get rid of the excess liquid from the rugs. You should avoid scrubbing on the rugs as it may move the liquid deep into the rugs and damage them permanently. 
  1. Remove Tangles By Flipping The Rugs- The fringes of the Persian rugs will easily get tangled. To avoid these, you can flip the rugs end-over-end to allow the fringes to straighten. You must not use a comb as it may damage the fabric of the rugs. To clear the tangles, grab one end of the rug and walk it over the other end. This is one way to take care of Persian rugs naturally. 
  1. Use Under Rug Padding And Avoid Pointed Furniture- Under rug padding is a protective layer that can protect its shape and also prevent the building up of debris. These will also help in reducing the wrinkles from the rugs. Placing casters under rugs is also one of the ways to protect them. With this, you must make sure that you avoid placing pointed furniture on the rugs as they might damage the rugs. 

Hire Professionals And Upkeep Your Persian Rugs

Rugs are one of the most important things in your house and they need regular cleaning to prolong their lifespan. Professionals can be helpful in cleaning all types of rugs. Persian rugs are the type of rugs that need special care and more effort. To get the perfect cleaning for your Persian rugs, you can hire the professionals of Rons Rug Cleaning Perth. We are the most reputed rug cleaning service provider in Perth. We have all the techniques to take care of Persian rugs. To hire the best rug cleaners, give us a call now at 08 7079 4209